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Do you own your own exchange and would like to add it to the program?

By adding your site to the list, all members visiting and joining Advertising Blowout will have the chance to sign up to your site and grab their free advertising! This is a great way to build your membership and your relationship with other people coming from all around the world!

Once your site has been added to the list of involved programs, I will send an email to the entire membership in the next site update, letting them know we have a new partner, your banner will also be added to our rotater for 1,000 impressions! Your site listing will run until you email me and let me know to take it down. This is a great "set and forget" way to continually gain signups to your website!

Each list, the free list, the gold list, and the offers list are all rotated each Thursday! This means that every site owner gets a rotating chance to be listed in the top 10 of each list! Banners will rotate only 1 or 2 per page until they receive 1,000 impressions. This gives the newest site listings a little more exposure.

To get your site added to the list you must meet the following requirements below:

1) You must first become a member of Advertising Blowout.

2)You must either OWN or RENT the program being submitted!
This IS NOT for referral links!

3) You must be willing to offer BOTH the free and the gold members the minimum below.
FREE MEMBERS 5 solos and 5,000 banner impressions
GOLD MEMBERS 15 solos and 15,000 banner impressions
*Banner impressions can be 1 banner with all impressions or split up to different banners*

4)Your site must have a MINIMUM OF 100 MEMBERS! - Due to so much turn around in the past, (new sites starting and quitting so quickly) you must now have a minimum of 100 members to have your site listed with us. This will show that you as admin are dedicated to building your site and have already established a member base.

5) Your program must be of the sort that you can list promo codes where our members can sign up to your program, and then enter a promo code to claim their free advertising. **If not, you can still add any type of site to the "MEMBER'S SPECIALS" page, as long as you want to offer something above and beyond your normal site's sign up. For example if you own a PTC (paid to click) advertising site, you could give free banner impressions, or free PTC ads, if you own a surf site, offer a load of credits! Remember, the better the offer, the more signups you will get who want to take advantage of it!**

If you agree to everything above, then contact admin with the info below. Copy the info needed below, paste it into an email, fill it out, and send it. You will receive an email back once your site or sites have been added.

**Once you submit your site, it may take up 7 days to get it added! I only add new additions every Thursday to give all new programs one week on the NEW PROGRAM LISTING. You will receive an email once your site has been added. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME 2 HOURS LATER ASKING WHY YOUR SITE HAS NOT YET BEEN ADDED! Once per week, every Thursday evening.**

Please send me an email at and provide the following info:
If the terms are not met above, or information is missing or incorrect below it will simply be deleted.
I am getting too many emails with referral links, or links and info to other programs.
Please read and fill out everything completely

Your name:
Your username at AdvertisingBlowout:
Your email:
The link to join your site:
MAIN LINK (no referral links)
They must go to your main site URL to keep dishonest people
from trying to submit a referral links with bogus info!
Your sites banner url:
Your promo code for the free members:
(This must add 5 solos, and 5,000 Banners)
Your promo code for the gold members:
(This must add 15 solos, and 15,000 Banners)
**If you would just like to add a special to the member's "specials page"** (upgrades, ptcs, banners, surf points etc.) please send your site details, and how members must claim your special. Your listing will show to both free and gold members and be offered to both levels. The better your offer, the more signups you will likely get!:


I get a ton of referral links sent to me through this method! If you submit a site and there is missing information or not to the main URL, I will take it as just someone else trying to enter a referral link! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY! YOUR EMAIL MUST EITHER HAVE 2 CODES, OR IT MUST HAVE AN OFFER TO MY MEMBERS! FILL OUT EVERYTHING COMPLETELY OR YOUR EMAIL WILL SIMPLY BE DELETED!

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